Tuesday, 18 July 2017

How have Hooligans Destroyed the 'Good' Name of Football?

Most people would expect a hooligan to be, strong, male, un-shaven and thug like. But this is not true, in fact sometimes quite the opposite in this case. Hooligans come in all shapes and size, big and small, fat and thin, and sometimes quite unexpectedly are females. These people, often in large groups, go to football matches and terrorize innocent victims or the police; and the reason they give for behaving like this is that it gives them a buzz.

Well its nothing I've said

In E. M. Forster's A Passage to India, identities and the labels placed on identities create a vicious environment in which little can be achieved. The English colonists and their Indian subjects are on polar sides of the struggle. The Indians acknowledge that labels are subject to limitation and can blind one to critical differences. The English, however, insist on assigning a label to all components of their lives. A tiny and unidentifiable green bird symbolizes this struggle between these two groups, as they are embroiled in the "muddle" of India. The indeterminate green bird hints at the irreconcilability of the two cultures.